Nursery Intake

Dear Parent/carers

Our Nursery provision (2-4 year olds) for the academic year 2017-18 is now full.

We will not be having an April intake for Term 3 this year.  In accordance with the OCC Nursery Admissions Policy, admissions are planned for three times a year, as long as places are available.

All parents/carers with current enrolment forms on our waiting list will be informed individually of their options for taking up places at our nursery during academic year 2018-19 (see published waiting list and deadline information on website and in school office) no later than half a term in advance.

We have set and advertised these termly deadlines for considering applications for admission in the following term in order to ensure that we have adequate time to plan staffing and provision for the children.



TERM DATES FOR 2017/2018